Battery Products

Ni-MH, Li-MnO2, Li-SOCI2, Li-Ion, Polymer Li-Ion, Ni-MH, Ni-Cd, Lithium Batteries (Coin Cells) and Battery Packs

Kingway offers a variety of battery products to suit your needs. Our plants have the capability to produce Ni-MH, Li-MnO2, Li-SOCI2, Li-Ion & Polymer Li-Ion, Ni-MH, Ni-Cd, Lithium Batteries (Coin Cells) and Battery Packs. Our facilities have over 26 years’ experience manufacturing battery products. Our facilities offer over 700,000 pieces of daily output.

Li/MnO2 Button (Coin Cell) Batteries

Li/MnO2 Pouch Battery (CP Series)

Our Factory was founded in 2001, as a National High-Tech Enterprise specializing in the R&D, Manufacturing and the Sales of lithium manganese primary batteries. We have always adhered to technology innovation, lean production and systematic management resulting in significant competitive advantages both at the high-drain and the low-drain electronic products. Our products are widely used in all industries Such as, Electronic Shelf Labels, Intelligent Transportation, Smart Security, Instrumentation, Consumer Electronics, Medical Automotive etc. Kingway Electronics has been recognized for Quality, Service and Competitive pricing. Our factory has 19 Patents including 4 Invention and 15 Utility Patents.

Primary Cell Batteries

Secondary Cell Batteries

Our Factory was founded  in 2001, with a focus on innovation and long-term commitment providing products and solutions.  We specialize in lithium-ion manufacturing, research and development. Our primary products are utilized in various markets such as energy storage, consumer electronics, and power tools. As a pioneer in manufacturing stationary energy storage system (ESS) batteries, we introduced our first-generation ESS system in 2011. The company offers a comprehensive range of battery products, including cells, packs, racks and cabinets to meet the requirements of different scenarios, such as residential, C&I and utility-scale applications. Our products show excellent safety performance, long cycle life and high energy efficiency. According to GGII and EESA, We are  ranked #2 in the global residential ESS market and #5 in the global ESS battery market, respectively in 2022. The company provides energy storage solutions that deliver value to customers across more than 50 countries/areas.

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