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In 1996, Wang Kai established Ningbo Kingway Electronics Co., LTD.Shortly after graduating from Zhejiang University Department of Electronic Engineering, Wang Kai began investing in manufacturing facilities. His initial purchases were Hongxing (interconnects), EHWZ (PCB and Lighting) and Kaifeng (Terminal Blocks, Pin Headers and Dip Switches).

Today, Wang Kai and his Ownership team, have partnerships  in over 30 manufacturing facilities.  Kingway Electronics has grown to be one of the most dynamic and successful companies in China, specializing in manufacturing products such as Batteries, Metal Extrusions, Wire Harnesses, Injection Moldings, Silicon Products, Membrane Switches, Metal Stampings, Interconnects, to serve key market segments such as Consumer Electronics, Industrial, Transportation, Medical and Lighting.

In 2012, after a 16 year relationship with the Kingway Asia group, Steve Stonebraker and Wang Kai partnered to form Kingway Electronics USA. With a tremendous background of 25 years spent in Manufacturing, Sourcing and Logistics, Steve has worked for large manufactures as Sourcing Manager, Operations Manager and Director of Materials and Supply Chain. Together, they have created a partnership with a sole vision of allowing North American based OEM’s to work with and purchase Electro-mechanical components directly from factories in Asia.

Kingway believes in providing the Customer with a direct supply chain relationship from the manufacturing location to their doorstep by listening to our Customers’ needs and delivering a solution from our generous product portfolio.

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