Silicone Keypad

Custom Silicine keypad that utilizes many diferent Deccoration options. This keypad is molded using a clear (bnatural Silicone) The Final molded silicone is then painted with a light gray layer of paint on both sides. The front of the silicone then is sprayed with a darker gray paint. To create the light grey icons a laser etching process was used to burn through the top (dark gray) layer of pat exposing the light gray layer. On some of the icons both layers of paint were burnt through exposing the clear natural silicone. This allows light to pass throught the icons from the PCB as a user inerface. Each button would then make contact of a custom Metal Dome Array that is attached to a PCB for the button interaction.
Manufacturing Facility:
Kingway Electronics Tudian Silicone

Additional Info:

Product Specs

Custom Design Silicone, Avaliable in 35 -85 Durometer, Custom Color, Carbon Pill,Quick Turn Prototype Tooling. Deccoration avaliable: Painting, Laser Etching, Post Cure, Pad Printing, Multi Color, Color Matching.