Kingway Ningbo Relay Co.

Facility Name:
Kingway Ningbo Relay Co.
Facility Location:
Ningbo, China
Component Categories:
Quality Control Standards:

ISO9002,QS9000,ISO14001,ISO/TS 16949, UL CUR TuV VDE CQC

Number of Employees:
Description and Capabilities:

Kingway Ningbo Relay Co. covers 80,000 square meters housing $20,000,000US in fixed assets including 30 dedicated advance production lines, automatic 16-head wire winding machines, Automatic soldering machines., De-magnetic and anti-static dust cleaners, Multi-parameters testers and Automatic surprising life tester. We currently have the capacity to produce 150,000,000 relays each year. We staff 2,000 employees of which 160 are Senior Engineers and Engineering Technicians. We have an in-house Relay Institute where we train our staff and conduct R&D. We are capable of producing OEM Relays and currently Private Label for top brands sold worldwide. Our annual sales in 2014 were $300,000,000US with anticipated growth of 10% year over year. We have ISO9002, QS9000, ISO14001, ISO/TS 16949, UL , CUR, TuV, VDE and CQC Certifications.

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