Kingway Electronics Dongguan Magnetics

Facility Name:
Kingway Electronics Dongguan Magnetics
Facility Location:
Guangdong Province Wangniudun, Dongguan City, China
Component Categories:
Quality Control Standards:

RoHS, EN71, ASTM 963-08, SVHC, PFOS, PFOA, ISO9001

Description and Capabilities:

Kingway Electronics Dongguan Magnetics founded in 1991 grew to one of the largest permanent magnet manufacturers in China. We are leaders in technology, product positioning high-end applications; electro-acoustic, electrical, appliances, computer hard drive, CD-ROM drives, magnetic, high-end packaging and high-end toy industry. We offer excellent professional skills, and actively introduce advanced equipment and technology, high-quality achievements through effective human management, lean manufacturing, and rapid response. We continue to deepen the quality control capacity to meet increasing customer product requirements. With our partners; Zhongshan University, South China University of Technology, Beijing University of Science and Technology and Beijing San Huan we have a wide range of technical exchange and cooperation and excels us as a industry leader in high-precision requirements and shaped NdFeB products.

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